Mucopexy – Recto Anal Lifting

Patient focused innovative method of managing symptomatic hemorrhoids minimally invasive.

Treatment Solution Enhancing
Clinical Effectiveness

“Doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right patient, at the right time.”

(Nicky Cullum)

The technological revolution changed fundamentally not only our social & economic structures, but also provided us with the opportunity of taking a quantum leap forward in practicing medicine and in encouraging key healthcare stakeholder groups, adopting patient focused models of delivering efficiently high-quality treatment solutions.

MuRAL Clinical Applications Handbook

We are herewith proudly presenting to you the MuRAL Clinical Applications Handbook in the hope you shall find it informative, a source of inspiration for your projects and an encouragement for you to continue innovating and sharing your knowledge!

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Procedure Management Standardization and its Ripple Effect

Is demonstrating that a series of minor changes in addressing a common clinical condition can have an enormous impact to the benefit of patients, surgeons, hospital administrators and health insurance providers.

MuRAL Key Characteristics

Highly Effective

Minimally Invasive

Cost-Benefit Optimization

Low overall cost per procedure.
Procedure duration: short.
Hospitalization: same – day surgery; selected cases may require up to 2 days.

Exceptional Clinical Results

Proven by clinical study. 4.1% recurrence rate one year postoperative.


Excellent Patient Satisfaction Score

Patient’s exposure to stress: low.
Postoperative recovery: fast.
Quality of life: increasing quickly.

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We truly believe that knowledge-sharing across cultural and geographic boundaries is a powerful and essential factor in gaining insight into new concepts and initiatives of exploiting innovative technological and therapeutic solutions, which have the potential of expediting the adoption rate of patient focused models.

Innovative, collaborative and solution-oriented surgeon with extensive experience in general, emergency and colon surgery with a strong emphasis in advanced minimally-invasive procedures.
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